Default audio device not remembered. Sat Apr 25, 2020 6:47 pm. I have a "soundcard" wich overs two sound devices to alsa/pulse. One for normal sound (Main device) and one for "communication". all works well. In Phonen -Audio DevicePriority the Main device is correctly set and most programs honor the setup. Except some. Open Studio Controls, go to Audio Setup tab, and Pulse Bridging tab. On the left part of the screen, there is an entry called Bridge From Pulse To Jack (input to Jack). In the second drop-down menu, you can see system: capture_1 and 2.. This is the most common sound server, and is often installed by default. JACK - A sound server API and sound server daemon ("jackd") aimed at professional usage that provides real-time, low-latency connections for audio and MIDI between applications. OSS (Legacy) - used to be the default sound subsystem before Linux 2.4 . Miscellaneous.

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